Especially in “hot” project phases

where every minute counts, “ideas embedded” offers intelligent “know how”, reliable service and of course “just in time “.

If partial project support and assistance or full service: Our professional team takes completely care of you and your needs and offers skilled short notice assistance and on the spot support. Also through self dependent development of pre-defined project sections in our development department.

We always follow the assumption to find the smart and effective solution for your problem.

We offer experience in many areas

system-self-diagnosis under usage of the diagnosis record KW1281, KW2000, UDS as well as XCP
efficiency optimisation preserved exertion of the resources under the usage of cars
software-validation validation of the system software after the production
climatisation intelligent thermo management and climate compressor control in cars
hybrid intelligent cooling of the high voltage battery in hybrid cars
production end-of-line-control of break control units

Consulting: Individual. Custom-made. Competent.
(Deutsch) hardwarenahe Softwareentwicklung, embedded Software, eingebettete Systeme, Embedded Software Engineering, Entwicklung von Steuerungen, Regeltechnik

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